Clever Accounts: FAQs

So you’re thinking about using Clever to save you time as you make rostering changes on Along? Check out the answers to these frequently asked questions.

Can I sync two different schools to Along?

Along Clever syncing is set up to be 1:1, where only one school leader, one dashboard, and one Along platform can be attached to one Clever school ID. We strongly recommend setting up your SIS to combine programs or schools if you want them to be synced to the same account. If you have any questions about how to set this up, please contact our Support Team

If you plan on having each of the schools in your district have their own Along platform, however, you are welcome to sync as many schools as you would like!

How do I add teachers to Along if they are not yet in Clever?

We strongly recommend that you add any teachers who will be on your Along platform to Clever. If they are not yet teaching any active classes, you can add them using Clever’s Custom Data Upload

If, however, your sync is paused or you are unable to configure this upload, please reach out to the Along Support Team and include the email addresses of the teachers you need to add in a CSV. 

I have a teacher/student who is connected to multiple schools in Clever. Will they be able to access each of these schools on Along?

No, teachers and students can only be connected to one Along school. Whichever school they are synced to first will be their primary enrollment. To change their enrollment, you will need to remove them from the shared data at these other schools. Please contact the Support Team to help guide you through this process. 

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