How can I sign up to join Along?

You can sign up to join Along directly on our website. Individuals wishing to explore Along may register with a G Suite or Office 365 account prior to inviting students.

When you have explored Along and are ready to add students, please make sure you meet all of the following required criteria. You must:  

  • Have an email domain that is tied to a K-12 school in the United States
  • Have a G Suite for Education school email address or a Microsoft Office 365 email for schools (OneDrive) that is not a personal email domain
  • Work as an educator (teacher, counselor, school leader, etc.) 

Along is currently only available to educators affiliated with: 

  • US and US Territory K-12 Schools
  • Alternative Schools
  • Career Technical Charter Schools
  • US Online K-12 Schools
  • Charter Schools
  • High School Diploma Equivalent (GED) Schools (must be run by the school district)
  • Tribal Education Departments

At this time, Along is not available to educators affiliated with:

  • Home Schools
  • Day Care Pre-K
  • International Schools/Schools outside of the US
  • Universities
  • Tutoring Programs
  • After School Programs

If you meet these criteria and are still experiencing difficulty, please reach out to or Submit a Request.

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