How can I request to delete an account?

Educators and students can control their own data in Along.

  • If students want to delete their account, they can contact their teacher or reach us directly at We will notify the educator and school leader, and the account will be removed from Along upon verification of the student’s request.  
  • If educators want to delete their account, all associated student content will also be deleted. Their school leader and students on Along will be notified.
  • If a school leader wants to delete an educator or student account, they can reach us at We will notify the educator and/or student(s), and the account(s) will be removed.
  • If a parent wants to delete their child's account, they can reach out to their child's teacher or school leader, or have their child contact us at

Account deletion is permanent and cannot be undone. To help educators and schools manage educational records, we will retain student and educator data for up to 30 days after a deletion request has been verified. At the end of that time period, we will delete student and educator data. Note that we may retain data beyond these windows and may pause content deletion if specific content has been reported for violating Along or school policies. For more information, please see our Data Privacy Addendum and Privacy Policy.

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