How do I log on to Along for the first time?

When you first log into Along, you will be taken through our guided onboarding. Teachers and students must use their registered G Suite for Education school email addresses or a Microsoft Office 365 for schools and students (One Drive).

Log In 

How it Works

Set Up Account

Welcome Students


Log In

  1. Open our supported browser (Chrome) on your computer.
    • While the Along teacher experience is optimized for desktop, If you're using a mobile device, please use Chrome or Safari as your browser.

  2.  Go to our website and select Sign in with Google or Sign in with Microsoft to login using your school email address.


  3. Once you are logged in, you will be taken through our guided onboarding to see How it Works, Set Up your Account, and Welcome your Students. 


How it Works

  1. Select a question to explore how a check in begins.


  2. Watch the sample videos between a teacher and a student to learn more about meaningful interactions, and how to complete the check-in.

  3. Review what works for other educators and check out our FAQs page for more information.


  4. That's it! Now you're ready to Set Up your Account. 


Set Up Account

  1. Enter your name, display name for your student(s), and school name. Check the box to verify that you are authorized to accept our terms of service on behalf of your school.

  2. Download our guardian consent form. You can find parent resources such as our Parent Notice and Consent Form within our Help Center here.

  3. Notify your school leader. Let a principal, vice-principal, or another school leader know that you'll be using Along. You will be cc’ed on the email we send to your school leader.

  4. Your account is ready! Now it's time to Welcome your Student(s)


Welcome Students

  1. Select or write your first question to welcome your students to Along.


  2. Once you select a reflection question, you can write a note to help supplement the reflection question. Click Next.

  3. Record a video or audio. While this step is optional, recording a video or audio message will help you better engage with your student(s) and give them additional context about the prompt. If you do not wish to record a video or audio message, select Skip Recording

    • If you've selected a prompt from our Content Library, Along will also provide you with Suggested talking points for you to reference while you're recording your video.
    • Click Give permissions to grant Along access to your camera and microphone.
    • Click Start Recording to start filming your video or audio message.
      • You can also choose a fun overlay to add to your video (available only for the Chrome browser on a desktop)
    • When you've finished recording, click Stop.
    • You can review, re-record, or move onto the next step by clicking Next on the bottom of the modal.

  4. Review everything you've added so far to ensure it looks correct before you send it to your student(s).
    • If anything looks incorrect, click Edit on the relevant section so you can modify it.

  5.  Copy your personalized welcome link to share with your students so they can log in and answer your question.


    Success! As soon as your students click the invite link and log in, they’ll show up under Students and can start answering your questions.
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