How do I roster students to Along?

After you sign into Along, you will be able to add students to Along. You can enroll all of your students with one connect code, or roster them into groups with a group code. 

Roster your students

Create a group of students 

Add multiple teachers to students

Roster your students

  1. Log into Along, and you'll see your connect code for all of your students.
  2. Copy instructions on the right to share with your students.


  3. Success! Your students now need to follow the instructions to log into Along. To enroll more students later, find your connect code on the Students page. 
  4. You can also roster your students in groups by clicking Roster in groups.


Create groups of students 

  1. Log into Along, and go to the Students page.
  2. Click on Groups.
  3. Click Create a group.
  4. Type in a group name and click Create Group.
  5. Click the three dots next to the group and Manage students to add and remove students.


Add multiple teachers to students

Students can connect with more than one teacher on Along! If students would like to connect to another teacher, they can: 

  1. Copy the teacher’s Connect code.
  2. Log into their account and click into their Profile.


  3. Click Add another teacher or join group and enter the Connect or Group code.


  4. Success! Now your students can reflect with multiple teachers!


  5. To see how many teachers they’re reflecting with, click back into the Profile.



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