Along updates and changes

See what's new and updated in Along.

June 2022

  • Resources and guidance for educators
    Educators can now find guidance and resources in the side navigation on Along. 

April 2022

  • Student navigation 
    Students can now see their reflections organized into New, Answered, and Expired.
  • Easier ways to see the steps to invite students
    We made it easier for you to see how to add students to Along. 

March 2022

  • Share questions with fellow educators
    You can now copy/paste the URL when you click a Question Card from a collection to share it with other educators using Along.

February 2022

  • Keep track of questions you've sent
    You can now find a blue checkmark on question cards that you’ve used before. 
  • Countdown for videos
    When you press "Record" on a reflection question, you will now see a 3-2-1 animation before your recording begins. 

November 2021

  • Updates for students recording reflections
    Changes to the student experience give students a more inviting visual experience that showcases the reflection question, gives students a clear choice about how they want to respond (through video, audio, or text), and works smoothly across all devices — desktop, mobile, and tablet. After they are done responding, we’ve also added a new module that directs them to any additional open questions.

October 2021

  • Email Batching
    You will now receive updates on student activity in the form of a daily digest. If you want, you can go to your account page after you’ve signed into Along and choose between receiving live updates, a daily digest, or a weekly digest.

September 2021

  • Updates for educators recording reflection questions
    Educators now have a full screen dedicated to recording a reflection question, rather than just a pop-up. This makes it easier for you to record your reflection, customize the talking points on the right-hand side and reference them as you record, and preview your reflection before sending it to your students.


April 2021

  • Add additional students to reflection questions
    It is now possible to add students to reflection questions, even after recording and sending! Click the Add button in the bottom right when you’re viewing a prompt you sent, and you’ll be able to add more students to the question.

  • Record audio reflections
    There is now a way to send and receive audio messages. Select the Audio option when you’re on the recording screen to get started.

  • Select a video overlay

    You can now use a video overlay when recording a video. Select one of our colorful overlays before you start recording to add a fun addition to your video that highlights your smiling face! We know that teachers and students aren’t always in an environment conducive to recording videos, and we hope this feature will help in those situations. Please note that video overlays only work on desktop computers using the Chrome browser.

  • Students can set a status
    When students log in to Along, they’ll see a card asking, “What’s on your mind?” where they can share what’s new and exciting in their lives. Only teachers can view a student’s status, and it is visible to them on the Students page, when viewing the student’s reflection, or on the student’s profile page.

March 2021

  • Redesigned Students page
    You’ll be able to sort your students by when they were last active, when they last replied, and more. You can easily invite additional students to Along with a new welcome link, and find engagement tips.

  • Schedule a reflection prompt
    We’ve made it possible to choose between sending a reflection prompt video immediately, or scheduling it up to two weeks in advance. You’ll be able to pick a future date to send later when you start a new reflection.

  • Create a follow up reflection
    When you reply to a student's reflection, you can now click the "Send and continue reflection" button to immediately create a new reflection prompt video that builds upon the conversation you are having with an individual student.

February 2021

  • Capture teacher notes
    Now when you watch a student reflection or look at a student profile, you can jot down notes and reminders for yourself. These notes will only be seen by you when you review your student reflections.
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