How do I view and respond to active student responses?

Questions stay active for 60 days after you've sent them to students. During this time, students can submit their responses to you and you can reply to their messages.

Viewing Unread Responses

Viewing Active Student Responses

Tracking Student Responses

Replying to Students


Viewing Unread Responses

  1. Click on Home. You will see the prompt to catch up on unread responses to your recent questions.

  2. Select View unread to open the most recent question, or use the question cards on the right to select the question with responses you’d like to review.
    unread responses home view.png

  3. You’ll be able to quickly review text-based responses from your students on a single screen. From here, you can Mark as read to clear your notifications or Go to all responses to open the Insights page in a new tab.
    unread responses pop-up window.png

  4. Use the arrowright arrow.png buttons on the right or left of the screen to change questions, or use the x at the top of the window to return to the Home page.

Please note: At this time these unread responses cards only support text-based responses. When you mark responses that have mixed media as read, only the text-based responses will be marked as read. To review video or audio responses, select View in the Insights page or Go to all responses to review the responses on the Insights page.

unread response with non-text answer.png


Viewing Active Student Responses

  1. Click on Home. You will see all of your classes, which question was most recently asked in each class, and a brief breakdown of how many students have responded. 

  2. By clicking on your class, you will be taken to the Responses tab, which will allow you to navigate between all of your questions with the most responses at the top. 

Tracking Student Responses

While you will receive an email whenever a student submits a response to your question, you can also monitor students' progress from your Responses page.

  1. Click the question to see which students have responded to the question, how they've responded, and for insights about your students' responses.
    Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 10.48.24 AM.png
  2. You will be able to see whether or not your students have responded, when their responses were sent in, and the content of their responses here:

    • You'll be able to check out insights from your students to see quick student responses and Top Words for multiple-choice and open-response questions. 

  3. You can click a student's response, or lack thereof, to see if they have seen your question or to dig deeper into their response. 

    • You can also keep notes on each student in the dialogue box to the right. These notes will only be visible to you. 

Replying to Students

Once a student has submitted their reflection, you can respond to their question. 

  1. Click on the student response you would like to review further. 
  2. Review their response.
  3. Type your reply to your student using the text box.
    • You can also send a Sticker as a supplement to your reply, or as a quick response to your students! Below the text box, click Add Stickers to add Stickers to your reply:


  4. Once your reply has been logged, it will be designated by the green checkmark on the question's page: 


You can reply to multiple students at once by navigating to your Insights page: 

  1. Click Responses
  2. Click into the sent question of your choice
  3. Under All responses, click Reply to students

    Reply to students.png
  4. Use the dropdown menu to send to:
    • All students
    • Students who have responded
    • Students who haven't responded
  5. Type in your reply and click Send 
    reply to students who havent responded.png
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