How do I use the Library to select a reflection question?

Along features a comprehensive Library of reflection questions that you can use with your students depending on their needs and the skills you are hoping to help them develop.

In order to select a reflection question from the Library:

  1. Click Library.
  2. Select a question at the top of the page or scroll down to the skill you're hoping to have your student(s) focus on under Featured collections or Explore more.along_library_collections.png
  3. Click on thealong_new_info_icon.pngas you look through reflection questions you're interested in so you can learn more about when it's ideal to use this question and how it can help your student(s).
  4. Once you've found the right reflection question for your student(s), click Pick this question and follow the instructions to send your student(s) a reflection question.

Prefer to use your own question? Create your own!



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