How do I add a student to an existing reflection?

Once you send a reflection, you can choose to add additional students to your question so they can receive your reflection. 

  1. Select an existing reflection from the Home page.
  2. Click Add to add an existing student to the reflection question.


  3. Use the drop-down menu or type in a name to add additional students.
    Note: Only students listed on the Students page will appear in this list. If you need to add a new student to Along, you will need to send them a Connect code. Screenshot_2022-12-16_at_3.08.25_PM.png

  4. Select + Add when you are finished adding students.
  5. The additional students will now appear at the top of the page under All.

You're all set! Feel free to copy and paste the link with your new student so they can check out the new reflection question. 

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