How can students use the welcome link to log into Along for the first time?

Once teachers have logged into Along for the first time, they will need to send their student(s) a welcome link (Teachers can find instructions on how to get their welcome link here.) We recommend using our classroom-ready slides to guide your student(s) through joining Along. 

In order to sign up for Along, students will:

    1. Open our supported browser (Chrome) on their computer or mobile device.
      • If they are on a laptop, please use Chrome. If they are using a mobile device, please use Chrome or Safari.
    2. Click the invite link provided to them by their teacher.

    3. Select Sign in with Google or Sign in with Microsoft


    4. Log in with their school email to log into your school email account.
      • Students must use their registered G Suite for Education school email addresses or a Microsoft Office 365 for schools and students (One Drive).
    5. Students will enter their name, display name, and review and accept our Code of Conduct.

That's it! The student account is now created and they’ll be able to answer reflection questions from their teacher. 

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