How do I get my invite link to share with students?

After you’ve obtained parental consent for students under 13 or notified parents for students over 13 (Parental Consent Resources), it’s time to invite your student(s)! We recommend using our classroom-ready slides to guide your student(s) through joining Along. 

Creating your invite link

Copying your invite link

How to create your unique invite link:

Once you have finished setting up, you will need to create a question to invite students to Along.

  1. Go to the Library and click a reflection question or create your own question to get started.


  2. After clicking the question, you'll see tips on when and how to use the question. Once you've found the right reflection question for your student(s), click Yes, create invite link.


  3. Click Create invite link in step 1.


  4. Review the suggested talking points on the right-hand side and record a video or audio message. While this step is optional, recording a video or audio message will help you better engage with your student(s) and give them additional context about the prompt. If you do not wish to record a video or audio message, select Skip recording

    • Remember to give browser permissions to grant Along access to your camera and microphone.
  5. After you are done recording, click Next.
  6. Click Save and create link at the bottom right corner.

Invite Students

Now it's time to welcome your students in Along! 

  1. After you've created your link, you'll be prompted back to the Steps page. Click Copy invite link to copy your link and share with your students. 


  2. Follow the instructions under Get started with students to add them to Along. You can also check out the Additional Resources.


Success! Your invite link is ready! As soon as students click the link and sign in, they'll show up under Students and can start answering your question.

How to copy your unique invite link:

Once your invite link has been created, you will need to use it to invite your students to Along. 

  1. Click Students 
  2. Under your list of students, you will see your personal invite link to add students missing from the list. Click Copy invite link and share it with your students.


    You can also monitor which of your students have set up their accounts after sharing the class code with them by checking your student list. 


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