How do I view and respond to active student reflections?

Student reflection questions stay active for 60 days after you've sent them to students. During this time, students can submit their reflections to you and you can reply to their reflections.

Viewing Active Student Reflections

Tracking Student Reflection Responses

Replying to Student Reflection


Viewing Active Student Reflections

  1. Click on Home.
  2. You will see active student reflections at the top of the page under Up next: Reply to your students' reflections.


Tracking Student Reflection Responses

While you'll receive an email whenever a student submits a response to your reflection question, you can also monitor students' progress from your Home page. 

  1. Click the reflection question under Reflections sent this month or select an individual student's reply at the top of the page under Up next: Reply to your students' reflections.


    • If a student has not seen your reflection question, you will see the following:

    • If a student has seen your reflection question, you will see the following:
    • If a student has submitted a new reflection, you will see a colored ring around their initials or profile image:


Replying to Student Reflections

Once a student has submitted their reflection, you can respond and choose to close the reflection or continue the reflection.

  1. Click on the prompt you would like to review; this will populate their reflection response below the prompt.
  2. Review their reflection.
  3. Type your reply to your student using the text box.
    • You can also send a Sticker as a supplement to your reply, or as a quick response to your students! Below the text box, click Add Stickers to add Stickers to your reply:


    • Optional: You can also add private notes about your student that you can view in future reflections. Please remember to click Save after making any changes. You can also view these notes on their profile page under Students.

  4. Choose to close the reflection loop or continue the reflection with your student.

    • Continuing the reflection will allow you to record another video to send directly to your student.

    • Closing the reflection will complete the reflection loop with your student. 

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