How do students respond to their reflection question?

Once a teacher sends a reflection question to their student, the student will get an email notification to log into Along so they can review it and respond.

Whenever a teacher sends a new reflection or replies to a student's reflection, the student can see and respond to the reflections on their Home page when they log into Along.

  1. The most recent New reflection will be displayed to the student on the Home page:


  2. All reflections are organized into New reflections, Answered reflections and Expired reflections on their left navigation. Students should review any New reflections first.


    • New reflections: Any reflection the teacher has sent that the student has not replied to.
    • Answered reflections: Any reflection that the student has already replied to. This could include any reflections that the teacher has responded to.
    • Expired reflections: Any reflection that is older than 60 days. This could include reflections that students haven’t answered.
  3. If the student clicks into a new reflection from the organized list, they will be able to view the reflection from the teacher and respond with Text, Audio or Video.


    • In order to record a video, they will need to grant Along access to their camera and/or microphone.

  4. Students can re-record or add an optional note to their reflection. When they are ready to turn it in, they select Send.
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